SSHOC Workshop Notes: Copyright Issues in Secondary Data Use

23 February 2022

The workshop was organised by the SSHOC project partner UK Data Service (UKDS), with a guest speaker from the Library and Culture Services, University of Essex. It consisted of several interactive sessions spread across two half days.

SSH Open Marketplace: An interoperable central hub supporting high-quality research in the multi-faceted domain of humanities and social sciences

01 February 2022

The SSH Open Marketplace is a central hub for academics and researchers to find detailed information about software tools, relevant publications, datasets and workflows supporting research across the many facets within the social sciences and humanities.

SSHOC D7.3 Marketplace - Interoperability captures the priorities for making the best possible resources available to academics and researchers in the SSH field, including those already available and those featured via the EOSC Portal Marketplace. 

SSHOC Workshop notes: FAIR SSH Data citation: practical guide

20 January 2022

In Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), citation of data is an indispensable part of the research process because it allows researchers to ensure reproducibility and transparency of the research process, as well as give credit to the creators and funders of the data. It also provides visibility. However, experience shows that practices of data citation are very diverse and making it fully machine-actionable across scientific fields is in fact very complicated.

Call of the Wild - Final release of the SSH Open Marketplace

18 January 2022

As of January 18th 2022, the team of the SSH Open Marketplace is proud to release its service into the (academic) wild! The SSH Open Marketplace is a discovery platform for resources relevant to academics, scholars, and students of the social sciences and humanities. The range of covered resources spans from tools and services, training materials, datasets, publications and workflows.

33 SHOCing Key Exploitable Results to support your research in SSH and Beyond

23 December 2021

Between January 2019 and April 2022 SSHOC will deliver a series of services and tools for daily use by SSH researchers.

SSHOC Workshop notes: Data Protection in research practice: The GDPR and the ELDAH Consent Form Wizard

22 December 2021

What does General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean in practice for Social Sciences and Humanities researchers? How can we ensure that appropriate measures are taken when dealing with personal data in the day-to-day research activities?

SSHOC Champion: Enabling access and reuse of our rich European heritage

16 December 2021

SSHOC brings together national digital repositories of scientific institutes with a mission to provide trusted datasets and digital resources for their end-users.

Join the SSH Trainers' Directory!

09 December 2021

Join the SSH Trainers' Directory, the pool of qualified and experienced trainers in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities!

SSHOC Workshop notes: Dataverse Translation follow-up event

09 December 2021

On December 7, the third event around the translation of the Dataverse User Interface to national language(s) took place.

The RDM Training & Support Catalogue Landscape: Reflections from the Open Science FAIR workshop

07 December 2021

How can researchers and data stewards be assisted to support FAIR and Open Research, through better provision of training materials about these topics?