A task group within SSHOC is building an open research knowledge graph in the field of electoral studies. The knowledge graph will collect, interlink, analyse, and visualise relevant sources of information on voter participation in elections. 

The task is led by Prof Cees van der Eijk (University of Nottingham) who is working together with SSHOC partners Semantic Web Company, University of Vienna/AUSSDA, and EURHISFIRM

The development and production process will serve as a pilot to assess the opportunities and challenges for similar developments in other communities, including the EURHISFIRM community.

What is a Knowledge Graph? 

Knowledge graphs are common in modern life and most people interact with them daily - for example through intuitive search results in Google or voice assistants like Alexa or Siri.


The SSHOC task team is handling both the technology and the content aspects of the election studies knowledge graph. Progress to date is reported in the reports D9.6 Demarcation Report  and D9.7 Design of the Knowledge Graph.

Next Steps

  • Incorporate the final product into the SSH Open Marketplace and test.
  • Create and publish election studies analytics dashboard for data visualisation, export , query and further analysis via a data API using common statpacks such as STATA, SPSS or R. 


Knowledge graphs are typically self sustaining and expand gradually through continuous updates. One way to effect this expansion is to organise crowd-contributions to tasks such as classifying materials like datasets and articles which are used as a basis for algorithm training.

Interested in getting involved?

Contact cees.van_der_eijk@nottingham.ac.uk


Further Reading

D9.6 Demarcation Report

D9.7 Design of the Knowledge Graph

D9.8 User-community involvement plan 

Upcoming reports

Delivery of user-validated Knowledge Graph, and Election Studies Analytics dashboard (D9.9)

User community feedback and usage report (D9.10)

Usability evaluation report (D9.3)

Concluding report (D9.11)