Developing the SSHOC Dataverse

11 July 2019

Slava Tykhonov from the Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS-KNAW) and Philipp Conzett (UiT/DataverseNO) presented the vision for the development of the Dataverse SSHOC project at the Dataverse Community Meeting 2019 at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA, 19-22 June 2019. This event, hosted by Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, gathered an international representation of researchers, librarians, publishers, developers and anyone interested in sharing data or building repositories from all over the world.

Presenting the SSH Open Marketplace at the DARIAH Annual Event 2019

10 July 2019

The DARIAH Annual Event 2019 gathered more than 200 people and was a great opportunity to discuss first concrete steps towards the creation of the SSH Open Marketplace. Work on this project started in January 2019 under the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) project.

Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud: What’s in it for research libraries?

08 July 2019

Reporting back from the first SSHOC workshop at LIBER2019. Over 100 people recently attended the first SSHOC workshop, organised by project partners CLARIN, DANS, DARIAH and LIBER to highlight the project, the planned SSH Open Marketplace and activities towards building expertise for users, such as the SSHOC Training Network and Toolkit.

My Cloud, your Cloud, our Cloud

21 May 2019

On April 10-12 the EOSC-hub week was organised in Prague as their annual all-hands meeting to discuss the progress in rolling out EOSC data management services.

The SSH Community gathered to present SSHOC and to discuss its governance in the EOSC perspective, its upcoming marketplace, training materials, survey methodologies, solutions, tools and services.

SSHOC Interviews - The Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud: What should we expect?

20 May 2019

We took the opportunity of the SSHOC Kick-off to ask our partners what we should expect from the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud.

Where Social Sciences and Humanities Meet in the European Open Science Cloud

11 April 2019

The Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) kick-off meeting was held in Utrecht on 11-12 March 2019, attracting more than 100 participants from the 47 partner organisations and beyond. It is the first time that all the European Social Science and Humanities’ Research Infrastructures in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) join forces to build the SSH part of the European Open Science Cloud.

SSHOC to Kick-off in Utrecht on March 11-12, 2019

16 February 2019

On the 11th and 12th of March 2019 SSHOC, the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud is going to have its official Kick-off meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands

EOSC in practice story: Social Data Cloud

15 February 2019

Several “EOSC in Practice” Stories have been collected and listed in the EOSC 2ndHLEG report “Prompting an EOSC in Practice” of the High-Level Expert Group on the European Open Science Cloud (2ndEOSC HLEG). SSHOC coordinator CESSDA told the social data cloud story for the report, according to the 8 features raised as prominent aspects for a successful EOSC.

“SSHOC” - Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud is the acronym to remember

06 February 2019

SSHOC pools together Research Infrastructural excellence from the Social Sciences & Humanities Cluster Communities