New Report Published: Second Annual Progress & Activity Report

25 March 2021

A new report D1.4 Second Annual Progress & Activity Report explains all the progress done and the status of work in the second year of the SSHOC project, year 2020.

Social Media Data: GDPR and Ethics

23 March 2021
Do you work with social media data? Are you interested in research about online communication or about users’ behavior and opinions?

While usage of social media data for research across academic disciplines is growing, a lot of questions are arising about research methods, and potential standards, e.g., representativeness and reproducibility.

SSHOC Launches Interview Series

22 March 2021

SSHOC has published the first in an ongoing series of one-on-one interviews with users from the SSH Community.

New Report Published: International Data Use Agreements

21 March 2021

A new report D5.9 Framework and contract for international data use agreements on remote access to confidential data provides guidelines for cross-national exchange of confidential data.

Update from SSHOC Certification Support

16 March 2021

The journey to CoreTrustSeal certification has begun for the fourteen data repositories selected through an open call in 2020 to receive support from SSHOC.

SSHOC-DARIAH Train-the-Trainer Research Data Management Bootcamp

15 March 2021

Report back on a virtual training event comprising two half-days with a break in between to allow for independent study. 

WEBINAR NOTES: Dataverse Development in SSHOC

05 March 2021

Two recent webinars gave a boost to the task of developing a social sciences and humanities data repository service based on Dataverse.

New Report Published: Resources for Marketplace Content Description

24 February 2021

A new report D7.6 Resources for Marketplace content description identifies a common knowledge path and use of vocabularies in SSH research communities.

SSHOC Aces Annual Project Review

17 February 2021

A  positive midterm review confirms that SSHOC has established a rock-solid position for the social sciences and humanities in EOSC which will be sustained well beyond the life of the project. 

Realising EOSC: Virtual Conference with a Difference

01 February 2021

Some 700 visitors from 45 countries flocked to Realising the European Open Science Cloud, the virtual conference organised as a collaboration between SSHOC, EOSC-hub and FREYA during November 2020. This report presents an overview of this extraordinary event.