16 December 2021

SSHOC brings together national digital repositories of scientific institutes with a mission to provide trusted datasets and digital resources for their end-users. This is where the SSHOC Certification Support comes into play to enable not only access but also the re-use of our rich European cultural and scientific heritage. 

To find out more, SSHOC has interviewed Tomasz Parkoła from Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center on how his organisation provides e-infrastructure and software technologies for nationwide Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes (DRSI), where the adoption of the CoreTrustSeal certification is a key enabler. 

Tomasz highlights the importance of trustworthiness of digital repositories in terms of  supporting research workflows, data citation, linked open data or even advanced data analytics. The providers of the SSHOC support service have played an instrumental role in the preparation process, significantly reducing the time and effort required. 

Discover tips and tricks on the support service in this quick-read SSHOC champion story. 


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