07 April 2021

A new SSHOC report titled D9.9 Delivery of user-validated Knowledge Graph, and Election Studies Analytics dashboard has been published. This deliverable provides a detailed report on the efforts to build the Electoral Studies Knowledge Graph and the associated user interfaces in the SSHOC project. Additionally, a complete documentation of the implemented Dashboard is given.


D9.9 Report Overview

The SSHOC project Deliverable D9.9 Delivery of User Validated Knowledge Graph and Election Studies Analytics Dashboard, describes the implementation of the SSHOC Pilot project in the field of Electoral Studies. It describes the efforts to create a domain specific Taxonomy, capable of modelling experts' knowledge in the field, in order to weave an integration layer between the various contributions on the domain of Electoral Studies. Furthermore, it describes the tools and the methods used to harvest, normalize, enrich and ingest metadata from heterogeneous sources, as part of the task to create the Electoral Studies Knowledge Graph. Finally, a documentation of the user interface, the Electoral Studies Dashboard, is provided.


Download D9.9 Delivery of user-validated Knowledge Graph, and Election Studies Analytics dashboard