Submission date: 
13 October 2021

This report constitutes SSHOC Deliverable 9.10, which describes the first stage of testing of the Knowledge Graph (KG) for Electoral Studies that constituted Deliverable D9.9 (‘Delivery of user-validated Knowledge Graph, and Election Studies Analytics dashboard’). This report also links up closely with the reports of Deliverables D9.6 (‘Demarcation Report of Electoral Studies User Community’), Deliverable 9.7 (‘Design and Planning of Knowledge Graph in Electoral Studies’), and Deliverable D9.8 (‘User Community Involvement in the Development of a Knowledge Graph for Electoral Studies’).

The first stage of testing of the KG involved a small group of testers and focussed in particular on the intelligibility and functionality of the user interface (UI) of the KG. This aspect is seen as an absolute precondition for productive further testing among wider groups of end-users and focusing on other aspects of the KG. The outcome of this stage of testing was the identification of issues that hampered the user-specification of searches and user-manipulation of search results. These experiences were fed back to the team responsible for programming the KG, which resulted in an upgraded version which will be subjected to further end-user testing and try-outs.

Publication type: 
Knowledge Graphs in Electoral Studies to bring together structured and unstructured data