22 October 2020


The SSH Open Marketplace development team has extended the feedback period for testers. Anyone who responded to the invitation to test the Alpha version of the SSH Open Marketplace launched on 30 June 2020 may offer comments and suggestions directly on the dedicated SSH Open Marketplace Consultation Platform until 6 November.

The Consultation Platform was built expressly to support dialogue between users and the developers who are hard at work on the Beta version, scheduled for release to the public in December 2020.

The vision for the final version of SSH Open Marketplace, due for release in December 2021, is that it should be a comprehensive discovery portal integrating services and software, datasets, training materials, and workflows of use to the wider social sciences and humanities communities.


Tester questionnaires

Testers have privileged access to the Alpha version of the SSH Open Marketplace. On the Consultation Platform - which is a password protected area of the SSHOC website, they are invited to respond to three brief questionnaires designed by the development team to elicit fundamentally important information regarding the Marketplace user experience, proposed content and sources, and issues related to curation & governance.

A public demonstration of the SSH Open Marketplace will be offered on Friday, 13 November at the DARIAH Annual Event. This demonstration is one in a series of events implementing a participatory-design approach and aims at encouraging and enabling valuable feedback for the refinement of the concept and development of the SSH Open Marketplace. The twenty minute session starts at 14:40 and all are very welcome to attend.


Watch the SSH Open Market explainer video

Watch a recording of the launch session and access the presentations

 Join the SSH Open Market Tester Community.



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