Project Overview


LIBER is the voice of Europe’s research library community. Some 450 national, university and other libraries are part of LIBER and our wider network includes goal-oriented partnerships with other organisations in Europe and beyond. LIBER’s aims to help European research libraries to support a functional network across  national  boundaries  in  order  to  ensure  the  preservation  of  European  cultural  heritage,  to improve  access  to  collections  in  European  research  libraries,  and  to  provide  more  efficient information  services.  Enabling  Open  Science  is  a  major  priority  for  LIBER,  including  promoting innovative scholarly communication, fostering digital skills and services, and engaging with world-class  e-infrastructures. 

In the context of SSHOC, LIBER participates in activities related to Communication, Dissemination and Impact, Lifting Technologies and Services into the Cloud, Governance/Sustainability/Quality Assurance, while is the work package leader for Fostering Communities, Empowering Users and Building Expertise. 

LIBER operates several working groups that address important areas of work for the research library community. Being a SSHOC partner, LIBER aims at actively engaging its community in the context of the project. It does so by fostering interaction and building expertise, taking into consideration the role of libraries as trainers, but also in supporting and advocating for excellence in research. SSHOC has synergies with the following past and current LIBER working groups: 

LIBER Digital Humanities & Digital Cultural Heritage Working Group - LIBER Europe

LIBER Research Data Management Working Group - LIBER Europe

LIBER Citizen Science Working Group - LIBER Europe

LIBER Data Science in Libraries Working Group - LIBER Europe


The Synergy


Below the efforts in creating and maintaining synergies between SSHOC and the research library community are listed, one of the main stakeholder groups that the project is targeting: