Friday, 31 December, 2021

SSHOC Thematic cluster project [2019-2022] has built a strong and recognisable brand around a consortium of 6 well-established ESFRIs, 7 onboarded Social Science and Humanities (SSH) data communities, an SSH Open Marketplace testers’ community and an SSH Training Community actively breaking down the silos through the sharing of knowledge, tools and services with significant potential for further capacity-building as an important building block for EOSC.

Through a solid and continued outreach programme it has engaged over 5000 stakeholders in 65+ events organised, with a social media community of 2200+ members, and 470 newsletter subscribers.

Niche scientific communities have been supported by providing 6 additional targeted training events offering a valuable platform to support the onboarding of new communities to present themselves as well as to connect their members from all over the world. The SSHOC website acts as a main communication channel and is the gateway to its array of services including the SSH catalogue of services, connecting its 60+ official reports to each single Key Exploitable Result (KERs) actively consulted by the SSH community (i.e. the System Specification of the SSH Open Marketplace has been downloaded over 4300 times).

With the release in December 2021 of the EU Data Governance Act, SSHOC pursues the regulations around the guiding principles of the act to support a Data Science ecosystem in the area of SSH.