11 August 2020


Two separate strategy plans document the framework for engagement and training activities within the SSHOC project. They are  D6.1 Community Engagement Strategy and D6.2 Building Expertise Strategy.

D6.1 Community Engagement Strategy

The Community Engagement Strategy provides an analysis of the stakeholder landscape and proposes a stakeholder engagement approach built around coherent and efficient actions. The key aim is to develop a data-sharing culture and provide user communities with opportunities to contribute to SSHOC tasks. In  practice this translates to activities designed to encourage interest and involvement, and those designed to gather useful feedback which can be used to inform project tasks.

Stakeholder groups are individually identified in the plan and for each group a separate messaging and engagement approach is defined. The plan also details how collaboration with other SSHOC Work Packages will be managed.

For more information and to read the Comunity Engagement Strategy click here

D6.2 Building Expertise Strategy

The Building Expertise Strategy flows from the Community Engagement strategy but has a specific focus on the training activities which will be carried out during the project to equip  user communities with the right skills and knowledge to be able to benefit from the services, tools and data being created. Focused on the development of a SSHOC Training Community, the plan defines target audiences, training methodologies and activities, and provides an inventory of the training materials to be made available. An activity plan is also provided, along with detailed guidelines regarding monitoring and evaluation.

For more information and to read the Building Expertise Strategy click here