29 April 2022

An exciting new training tool has been released by the SSHOC project, teaching researchers about Data Publication and Research Data Management through a simple and fun video game called the League of Data: Data Management Challenge.

The game was developed by SSHOC partners Trust-IT and COMMpla with the aim of making the CESSDA Data Management Experts Guide (CESSDA DMEG ®), a 200 page document, more accessible. It is not a comprehensive e-learning tool teaching the whole DMEG, but rather a conversation starter. It introduces players to some key themes and challenges, and asks the players to work out the solutions. The game will be used as a supplement to lectures and data management training courses. 

Currently the game covers the main subjects of the DMEG sixth chapter “Archive & Publish” over four levels. The first challenges players to think about which sorts of datasets should be published and which should just be stored. The second level helps players consider the reservations they have around publishing their data, and why there are very good reasons to publish their data anyway. The third level makes players think about whether their data should be published just as a journal supplement, or as a published dataset in a trusted repository. The final level introduces players to the numerous ways they can promote their published data, leading to greater reuse of research and more citations.

Three further levels are planned for the near future, covering DMEG chapter 5 “Protect.” Subjects such as informed consent, anonymisation and intellectual property will be covered.

You can play the game right now by clicking below! 


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