07 July 2020


The proceedings from the LR4SSHOC workshop, planned to take place during the 12th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC2020) on 11 May in Marseille, and postponed due to the global COVID-19 crisis, have been published and are available for download here.

The purpose of the workshop, organised by SSHOC and partner CLARIN-ERIC, was to introduce the SSHOC project and its ambitions to the LREC community, strengthen ties between the two groups and spark dialogue. This is particularly important given the increased interest in and availability of cloud type infrastructure approaches which represent an opportunity for language technologies to support the SSH field on a large scale following the FAIR principles in order to support data replicability and reproducibility.

The proceedings consist of invited and peer-reviewed papers submitted to the conference and provide a rich source of information on aligning and integrating services and infrastructure from the Social Sciences, Humanities and Cultural Heritage with one another and thereafter with the emergent European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), the aim of which is to facilitate the sustainable sharing and optimisation of cross-domain research data and services.

Click on each link in the list below to access individual papers.


Invited position papers

●    LR4SSHOC: The Future of Language Resources in the Context of the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud
●    EOSC as a game-changer in the Social Sciences and Humanities research activities
●    Stretching Disciplinary Boundaries in Language Resource Development and Use:  a Linguistic Data Consortium Position Paper
●    Crossing the SSH Bridge with Interview Data

Peer-reviewed papers

●    Store Scientific Workflows Data in SSHOC Repository
●    Social Sciences and Humanities Pathway Towards the European Open Science Cloud
●    From the attic to the cloud: mobilization of endangered language resources with linked data
●    Verbal Aggression as an Indicator of Xenophobic Attitudes in Greek Twitter during and after the Financial Crisis
●    Mining Wages in Nineteenth-Century Job Advertisements. The Application of Language Resources and Language Technology to study Economic and Social Inequality  

Download the proceedings with full introduction as a single PDF.