21 June 2021


Debating commonalities and collaboration for thematic services, training and governance towards the European Open Science Cloud 

One and a half years after the RDA session in Helsinki, the five ESFRI cluster projects, the RDA community, and European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) representatives come together again, to discuss the past, present and future of their collaboration during the journey of integrating thematic services into EOSC.  This time ESFRI clusters embarked in a house-of-commons styled debate. Looking at commonalities and collaboration in the ESFRI clusters, when contributing to the European Open Science Cloud on three pillar topics: 

  • Thematic data services, 
  • Connecting to end-user communities 
  • Governance

The ESFRI cluster projects asked for input from members of the international RDA community, the ESFRI community, EOSC ecosystem and data experts and domain researchers being the end-user community. 


The impact achieved in the ESFRI clusters at RDA House of Commons

The ESFRI Clusters at RDA House of Commons was moderated by Martijn van Calmthout, science communicator, writer and moderator. The debates were kicked off with bold statements by 3 statement makers, to which 13 debaters magnificently played their theatrical roles debating for or against the statements made.  The session was attended by over 100 people from the ESFRIs, EOSC and RDA communities and beyond, who actively engaged and contributed to the debates through the online chats. 

This report does not aim to replicate the marvellous discussions held, and the animated engagement achieved. It merely aims to explain the topic of each of the three debates, distill the main points debated and define the recommendations made. 


The team

Eva Mendez (FAIRsFAIR), Carol Goble (EOSC-Life), Joao Fernandes (ARCHIVER), Daan Broeder (SSHOC), Mark Allen (ESCAPE), Hilary Hanahoe (RDA Foundation), Ari Asmi (ENVRI-FAIR), Rudof Dimper (PaNOSC), Eetu Makela (FAIRsFAIR champions), Stefano De Paoli (TRIPLE), Franciska de Jong (CLARIN, EOSC Sustainability WG 2019-20), Marialuisa Lavitrano (EOSC Association), Claudia Alén Amaro (EOSC-Life), Anca Hienola (ENVRI-FAIR), Yannis Yoannidis (ESFRI), Fotis Psomopoulos (RDA ECE IG), Ron Dekker (SSHOC, EOSC Future). 

No recordings were kept of the ESFRI clusters at RDA House of Commons, as all debaters were asked to take on theatrical roles. The slides are available here:

Blogpost by Mark Allen - ESCAPE at the RDA House of Commons

You can read the full report here