20 December 2019


On 21 October, during the Research Data Alliance Plenary Meeting in Helsinki, SSHOC invited representatives from EOSC, the ESFRI cluster projects, and the RDA Working and Interest Groups, to discuss mutual commonalities and opportunities for collaboration.  A cross-section of some 40 individuals attended the 4 hour workshop which was introduced by SSHOC Coordinator and EOSC Executive Board member Ron Dekker of CESSDA


Report on the proceedings from the meeting in Helsinki 

The main points of the discussions held, participant input collected and next steps formulated were captured in the now available report.

  1. Data Services. With the launch of EOSC and the EOSC-hub, clear differences have emerged between the priorities of infrastructure initiatives looking to provide stable general data management services, and the research communities with their focus on specific, short-term research data workflows. Obviously, the need for research data services to be findable and usable by projects and users is common to both groups, and in this regard, there is much to be learned from the international research data community.

  2. Connecting to Communities. While the ESFRI cluster projects represent the needs of the individual researcher for  specificity and flexibility in the EOSC infrastructure, the overall architecture is the responsibility of  EOSC-hub-like projects and the EOSC working groups. 

  3. Governance of the EOSC cluster projects is at least as important as the technical solutions which facilitate data storage and discovery. Both were explored in this session from different domain (cluster) perspectives with the aim of defining commonalities and a joint approach. 


“You are part of EOSC”

With these closing words, Christian Cuciniello (EC policy maker DG RTD), stressed the importance of continued coordination and the sharing of best practice amongst the cluster projects and the RDA and the EOSC working groups on the joint journey to EOSC.


The report and the presentations are on ZENODO at: 
Download the report directly here