Submission date: 
28 January 2022

As defined in the SSHOC workplan, task 2.3 SSHOC web presence covers all activities related to the design, development, roll-out and continuous update of the SSHOC web platform. Evolving the SSHOC web platform ensures a service-oriented approach to the SSHOC marketplace developed in WP7, acting as the main project entry point with a multi-view of the SSH landscape, according to the main research lines of the ERICs involved, namely Art and Humanities, Social Science, Linguistics. The SSHOC web platform is conceived and structured to ensure visibility and easy access to the technologies and services resulting from WP3, as well as innovations mechanisms in data production (WP4), use cases (WP5) and training materials (WP6), targeting data producers and data re-users in the SSH disciplines, as well as industry players. The web platform will also serve as the main repository for all published content and allow access to project deliverables and external resources. In terms of features, its design allows specific sections dedicated to events and workshops; sections to collect user feedbacks and online surveys, and optionally host any software repository developed within SSHOC, with direct access points to the ERICs websites and other relevant websites, existing catalogues and virtual labs. This task also provides branding for the Marketplace (WP7) and support to improve its Graphical User Interface (GUI) and end-user friendliness. Specific branding of the new services can also be provided, making their look & feel homogeneous under the SSHOC umbrella. In M28, April 2021, the fourth iteration of the SSHOC web platform was achieved (Milestone 6), this document outlines the milestone, its role and the means of verification to its achievement.

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