Submission date: 
20 January 2022

The goal of Task 5.1 - Legal, ethical and technological issues of access to biomedical data is to tackle legal, ethical and technological issues of access to biomedical data. After taking care of legal and ethical issues (D5.1) and assuring data access according to FAIR principles (D5.2 & D5.3), this report is a step towards the actual release of the data (D5.4)

In the SHARE accelerometer study, respondents wear an accelerometer on the thigh for eight consecutive days. The data recorded by the device are high frequency raw sensor data that are large and do not have a format that is commonly used by SSH researchers. Therefore, the aim is to process the raw data and provide aggregated, understandable data to SHARE users in a “generated module”.

Prior to the scientific release of these data, a preliminary version of the generated module was distributed in the SHARE team. This internal data release was meant to test data processing, structure, content, and documentation of the generated module. MS23 is the report of the test release and documents its impact on the actual release.

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