Submission date: 
04 March 2021

As described in the SSHOC GA, task 2.1 SSHOC cluster communication & dissemination strategy will produce a detailed communication and outreach plan, according to which a coordinated set of actions will be carried out, to ensure coverage of stakeholders and adequate visibility across Europe and beyond as well as a coherent, harmonized and communication following a cluster strategy. As part of this plan, communication objectives will be defined, and a well delineated stakeholder map and analysis will be conducted in collaboration with WP6 (T6.1).

In M2 the SSHOC Community Database and at M4, the SSHOC Stakeholder database were created and managed. The Stakeholder Database was shared with all participants in the common working space, whereas the SSHOC community database is managed in alignment with the GDPR requirements.

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