SSHOC is developing the SSH Open Marketplace for you: the community of researchers, support staff or service providers for the social sciences and humanities. And we could use your support to achieve this objective. We count on your feedback to build together a SSH Open Marketplace at the service of its users.

Our goal is to provide SSH researchers, support staff and service providers with easy access to a broad range of resources they need for their daily work and research. The SSH Open Marketplace will be the cutting edge component for the SSH in the EOSC universe and here you have a chance to be part of it.

Become a member of a small community of testers, helping us to define the features, interface, and most of all: the content of the SSH Open Marketplace. In exchange for being able to pick your brain from time to time, we’re offering you:

  • A ringside seat from which to take part in the current development of the not-yet- launched SSH Open Marketplace
  • An opportunity to shape the SSH Open Marketplace through your suggestions and feedback
  • Privileged access to research data, services and tools as these come on stream


It’s a no brainer.

Fill the form below to become a SSH Open Marketplace tester... We’ll do the rest!


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