24 February 2021 - 14:00 to 16:00

Learn about the best practices for preserving oral sources!

The SSHOC CLARIN collaborative webinar series continues on 24 February with the topic Best Practices for Preserving Oral Archives. The event is to be hosted by CLARIN Café which offers researchers, lecturers, students and topic experts an interactive space for discussion.

Oral sources are fragile compared with historical sources such as artefacts and written documents, and thus rely on a specialised infrastructure for their preservation. During the webinar, participants will learn about the best practices for preserving such oral sources, and will also have the opportunity to discuss these practices with the expert presenters.


  • Introductions
  • Presentation: Two ethnomusicological collections in French museums and the Michel Seurat sound archives catalogue recorded in Lebanon and Syria in the 1980s - as reported in recent issues of Sonorités, the open access journal of the French Association of Sound, Oral and Audiovisual archives (AFAS) - Véronique Ginouvès CLARIN-FR
  • Presentation: The Italian Vademecum, a two-year collaborative enterprise to offer Italian scientific communities and non-academic stakeholders an online oral preservation catalogue designed as a guide to preserving and archiving oral resources for potential enhancement and re-use - Silvia Calamai University of Siena, CLARIN-IT
  • Discussion

This CLARIN Café is supported by SSHOC and is a thematic continuation of previous SSHOC CLARIN collaborative events on the processing of spoken data.  See  SSHOC Webinar: CLARIN Hands-on Tutorial on Transcribing Interview Data.


Event material


CLARIN Café - 1/5 Intro Frontini - How Not to Spill Coffee on Your Tapes 24.02.2021

CLARIN Café - 2/5 Intro Monachini - How Not to Spill Coffee on Your Tapes 24.02.2021

CLARIN Café - 3/5 Calamai The experience of the Italian Vademecum 24.02.2021

CLARIN Café - 4/5 Sonorités and the Michel Seurat sound archives 24.02.2021

CLARIN Café - 5/5 Discussion 24.02.2021



Photo by Wenhao Ryan on Unsplash

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