27 January 2021 - 11:50


For providers of data services across the full range of scientific disciplines, this webinar will present a first version of an assessment framework under development by FAIRsFAIR.

The framework is fully described in the recently published Report on Basic Framework on FAIRnesss of Services and aims to assist providers to ensure their data services are ‘FAIR enabling’. This is because realising the full potential of a FAIR ecosystem in which research outputs can be easily shared and optimally reused, requires looking beyond the FAIRification of data and other digital objects to consider the infrastructure and services that act on those objects.

Webinar participants will be guided through the key elements of the assessment framework - both technical and social - and the most important recommendations to data services providers for achieving incremental improvements.



15:00 - 15:10 Welcome & introduction
15:10 - 15:25 FAIR Assessment Framework: Methodology & findings
15:25 - 15:35 Framework Basics
15:35 - 15:40 Q&A
15:40 -15:55 Your feedback (interactive)
15:55 - 16:00 Wrap up