30 June 2020 - 09:00 to 11:00
Online at ICTeSSH


The SSH Open Marketplace has been in development  for over a year now. A preference for the agile approach and UX best practice means we’ve involved end users as much as possible up to this point via workshops, interviews, brainstorming sessions and prioritisation meetings.

When we release the alpha version in June 2020, we’ll want yet more user feedback and engagement. And that's what this workshop is about.  We've arranged a two hour slot during the proceedings of the ICTeSSH 2020 Conference (now to be held online). In that time we'll be looking to:

  • Raise awareness of how the SSH Open Marketplace can help researchers in their daily activities and  supplement the existing EOSC services
  • Collect feedback from the SSH research community on the functionality and content of the SSH Open Marketplace







Moderation by Marieke Willems (Trust-IT)
9.00-9.10 What are EOSC and SSHOC and what’s in it for you?  Ron Dekker (CESSDA Director, SSHOC coordinator, EOSC EB member)
9.10-9.20 Opening up the domain of SSH services and tools; how can we connect technologies and researchers Daan Broeder (CLARIN)
9.20 - 9.30 What is the SSH Open Marketplace and what is it not? Laure Barbot (DARIAH)

End-users view on the SSH Open Marketplace content

  • An end-user journey on connecting to the SSH Open Marketplace
  • Content alignment with tools & services already in use and needed in daily life
  • Contextualisation: optimising  user experience & needs for training
  • Identification of services & tools not yet referenced in the SSH Open Marketplace

Moderator: Matej Durco (OEAW-ACDH)

4 SSH Open Marketplace Testers