Submission date: 
06 July 2020

This report constitutes SSHOC Deliverable 9.8, which describes the planned User Community Involvement in the Development of a Knowledge Graph for Electoral Studies. The report links up closely with the reports of Deliverable D9.6 (‘Demarcation Report of Electoral Studies User Community’) and Deliverable 9.7 (‘Design and Planning of Knowledge Graph in Electoral Studies’). These two earlier reports and the current one prepare the specification and planning of Deliverable 9.9, which is the production and delivery of a Knowledge Graph in electoral studies. The report of D9.6 defined the substantive research field and the scholarly community for which the Knowledge Graph is intended. D9.7 provided specification and planning of the development of the Knowledge Graph and emphasised the need for end-user involvement in its development. The current report (D9.8) details the various forms that user involvement can take, and how members of the user community are to be reached and recruited.

The rationale underlying the need for user involvement is to avoid that the functionality of the Knowledge Graph to be produced does not match needs and expectations of end-users, which would result in suboptimal usage in and by the user community and obstruct further development of the Knowledge Graph after its initial delivery. The main elements for which user community involvement will be planned are:

• Providing feedback on functionality at various stages of development
• Contributing to ontology development
• Crowd-contributing to classification of materials as a basis for training of algorithms
• Beta testing

Additionally, all forms of involvement of the user communities will help promote awareness of and familiarity with EOSC/SSHOC and its products, tools and services.

This deliverable has been accepted by the European Commission on - 03 November 2020

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