Submission date: 
13 May 2020


This deliverable describes the first release of the SSHOC Training Toolkit which was launched on 20 April 2020. 

The Toolkit consists of an inventory of both self-learning materials and training materials which trainers in the Social Sciences and Humanities can use to develop and improve their own training activities.

The Toolkit at the time of the launch listed over 70 materials from 41 different sources in various formats, such as slides, modules, videos and games, and other items. Topics range from research data management to FAIR data, text encoding, open science, quantitative analysis, and didactics. The elements of the toolkit are displayed using the same Drupal- based application referred to in the report D6.7 Inventory of existing learning materials (Ďurčo, Illmayer & Barbot, 2019).

The Toolkit will be further developed and extended in collaboration with the SSHOC Training Community, primarily via SSHOC Train-the-Trainer Bootcamps.

Note on the terminology

While the original title of the toolkit mentioned in the grant proposal and agreement was “SSHOC Train-the- Trainer Toolkit” the task team has decided to adapt the name to “SSHOC Training Toolkit”. This is because during the inventory taking exercise which preceded the development of the Toolkit, detailed in D6.7 Inventory of existing learning materials,  it was discovered that much of the available material could be used for self learning. As such the term “SSHOC Training Toolkit” is to be used henceforward in the deliverable names and in the associated communications.


This deliverable has been accepted by the European Commission on - 03 November 2020

Publication type: 
SSH Training Discovery Toolkit