Submission date: 
08 December 2021

The SSH Training Community is an important part of the engagement and training activities in the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) project. The concerted efforts of the SSHOC Task 6.4 lead to the development of the SSH Training Community which is a compilation of formats and tools that foster community building and engagement, mutual learning, and networking among stakeholders involved in training activities related to the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).

Through building expertise and empowering its network, the SSHOC T6.4 aims to provide the SSH community of trainers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise required to use and contribute to SSHOC resources. This deliverable is a follow-up report of the D6.10 Report on the SSHOC Training Community on the activities of Task 6.4 in the SSHOC project. It provides an update on the developments and reports on the overall efforts and implementation towards building a community for trainers in the SSH.

The Training Community was launched in September 2019. Its overarching goal of knowledge acquisition and networking among stakeholders in the SSH has two main components. First, facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration between trainers in the field of SSH. Therefore, the train-the-trainer approach which aims at empowering trainers and creating multipliers in support of open science in SSH was applied. In addition, a bottom-up approach is used in the SSH Training Community, and processes and tools were adapted to the Training Community members’ needs. Second, building expertise on tools and services offered by the SSH Open Marketplace. Two databases have been set within the T6.4, thus supporting data sharing in the SSH: The Training Discovery Toolkit and the Trainers Directory.

The first Report on the SSHOC Training Community (D6.10, published in May 2020) was focused on the community building development process, whereas D6.13 aims to illustrate results and puts a special emphasis on sustainability of the SSH Training Community once the project ends (April 2022).



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SSH Trainer's Directory
SSH Training Discovery Toolkit