Submission date: 
25 June 2020

This document describes the [MCSQ]: Multilingual Corpus of Survey Questionnaires (MCSQ), a database of survey questionnaires’ texts. The report summarizes technical information about Version 1.0 (Ada Lovelace) of the MCSQ, dated in June 2020. It links to the repository to access the code and files generating the database.
The corpus is compiled from questionnaires from the of European Social Survey (ESS) and the European Values Study (EVS) in the English source language and their translations into Catalan, Czech, French (produced for France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg), German (produced for Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg), Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian (produced for Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Russian Confederation, Ukraine, Estonia). The MCSQ is temporarily stored in a virtual machine provided by Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

This document summarizes the research output of Task 4.2: Preparing tools for the use of Computer Assisted Translation, of the Social Science and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) project. This document is closely related to D4.4, “Guidelines for building survey-specific corpora: the compilation of the [MCSQ]: Multilingual Corpus of Survey Questionnaires.” D4.4 provides a detailed description about the design and implementation of the corpus, whereas D4.3 includes the database itself.

NB: This dataset is under embargo till futher notice.

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[MCSQ]: The Multilingual Corpus of Survey Questionnaires