Submission date: 
22 January 2021



This report documents the work undertaken within project Task 4.7 Modeling the SSHOC data life cycle and describes the process of mapping social science research metadata standards DDI Codebook and CMDI  to the SSHOC Reference Ontology (SSHOCro). The resulting mapping rules are also documented.

SSHOCro is a common meta-level schema based on CIDOC CRM. By offering a conceptual model capable of describing the real-world lifecycle of data produced and managed via generic collection, connection, and interpretation workflows and associated sorting and publishing activities, SSHOCro provides a semantic interoperability framework with two key advantages for Social Sciences and Humanities researchers:

  • It can be applied as a standard to be used when devising and implementing metadata capture scheme for tracking the data lifecycle in individual projects, institutions and disciplines.
  • It is a canonical form or target schema that can provide a model for a single knowledge base for cross–domain tools and services such as resource discovery, browsing, and data mining.

In showing researchers how to relate and combine data documented with the DDI and CMDI source schema with minimal loss of meaning and data perspective the report traces the following steps:

1.Selection of the specifications of versions and profiles for DDI and CMDI 
2. Selection of the tags to be mapped into SSHOCro 
3. Updating of SSHOCro, following the harmonisation process 
4. Conceptual mapping process: establishing correspondences between selected elements of the DDI/CMDI and elements/full paths of SSHOCro 
5. Implementation of the mappings between selected research datasets documented with CMDI/DDI and SSHOCro 


SSHOC D4.19 Mapping of two indicative selected standards to the SSHOCro

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