Submission date: 
26 February 2020


This report delivers a comprehensive overview of data citation methodologies in use within the social sciences and humanities disciplines, and lays the groundwork for defining a common citation mechanism designed to render SSH data both findable and actionable.

Throughout the narrative, reference is made to cross-project initiatives including:

  • SSHOC task 3.6, which will integrate the CLARIN Language Resource Switchboard across infrastructures
  • SSHOC task 5.2 which articulates around producing a SSHOC version of the Dataverse repository
  • WP6, which will design a training workshop dedicated to data citation principles and practices
  • WP7, which is creating the SSH Open Marketplace where SSH data sets and associated services will be integrated
  • SSHOC task 8.2  “Trust and Quality Assurance”


Written with a diverse audience in mind - from infrastructure engineers, data managers, and individual researchers to support personnel - the report effectively documents past work in the area of data citation and looks ahead to the potential offered by new data types, technologies, and project tasks to support and improve data discoverability and reuse.


This deliverable has been accepted by the European Commission on - 03 November 2020

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