Submission date: 
06 July 2020

The Deliverable 1.6 Data Management Plan (DMP) provides structured description of data collected, created, and used for and by the SSHOC project. It also describes the procedures and policies as well as data protection and preservation mechanisms used during the implementation of the SSHOC project and planned in the post implementation period.

This document follows the structure of Horizon 2020 DMP template1 and outlines the key points regarding:

● purpose of the data collection in relation to SSHOC project objectives and activities,
● types and formats of SSHOC project data,
● reuse of existing data,
● origin of data and data usefulness,
● alignment with FAIR principles,
● resources needed and responsibilities within the project,
● data security,
● ethical and intellectual property aspects related to data.

The SSHOC DMP describes the overall methodology, standards and technical aspects to enable sound and tenable data management system for the SSHOC project. It presents the SSHOC project datasets, the basic rules of conduct in handling project data, and serves as a guide for members of the SSHOC project consortium.
SSHOC recognizes the following data handled throughout the project duration:

● Survey data
● Case studies / pilots data
● Tools and Service data
● SSHOC Marketplace data
● SSHOC user communities data
● Other data

Descriptions of the recognised data follow the same structure throughout the document giving the overview of the key points for each type of data.

The SSHOC Data Management Plan is a living document and shall be updated continuously throughout the project in line with the new information gathered via conducting the project activities.


This deliverable has been accepted by the European Commission on - 03 November 2020

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